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MIPoPS can digitize the following analog videotape formats:

  • 1-inch Type C
  • 3⁄4″ U-matic
  • 8mm tape (including Video8, Hi8, and Digital8)
  • Betacam (including SP and DigiBeta)
  • Betamax
  • DV (including DVPro, DVCAM and MiniDV)
  • DVD
  • LaserDisc
  • VHS (including SP, EP/LP, VHS-C and S-VHS)

General Prices

MIPoPS has a fee schedule that takes into account the type of organization, size of the collection, and a set of additional factors.

  • 1-19 tapes: $75/tape
  • 20-39 tapes: $70/tape
  • 40-59 tapes: $67/tape
  • 60+ tapes: $65/tape
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Digitization includes

In some cases, MIPoPS may also be able to offer dark storage back-up onto LTO. For more information, please contact us.

Making Your Videos Accessible

MIPoPS provides free public access to members’ digitized videos through our Internet Archive collection. Including your videos in the MIPoPS Internet Archive collection expands public access to your videos and to your institution.

A second and significant benefit of using the Internet Archive is that a copy of your videos will be stored and preserved by the Internet Archive, which is committed to preservation of Internet content for posterity. Institutions without the resources to manage their own digital repositories will at least know that a copy of their digitized content will be preserved and accessible into the future.

Digitized videos can also be shared on your institution’s own streaming site or via popular video streaming services, such as YouTube and Vimeo.